Mossberg SA-410 Shotgun Recall.

Mossberg has identified an issue during loading/unloading select SA-410 shotgun models, causing the company to issue a product safety recall. The issue only affects a limited range of serial numbers. If you fall within the recall, please contact the company for details on repairing the shotgun immediately.

Mossberg International Issues Safety Recall on Select SA-410 Shotguns

The issue occurs when the user prematurely releases the shotshell while loading or unloading. According to the company, the unretained shotshell can potentially contact the Bolt Lock Button inside the loading port. As a result, the contact can cause the shell to detonate.

Although the recall doesn’t state the affected serial numbers, the recall page has a form for checking your serial number. However, while putting your serial number into the form, keep in mind that serial numbers won’t contain the letter O. If it looks like your serial number includes the letter O, input it into the form as a “0” (zero).

Mossberg also asks that you contact them with the recipient’s information if you have already sold or transferred your SA-410. However, you can also just share the recall information with the new owner.

Two-Step Process

If you do find that your shotgun is affected by this recall, the company asks that you do not load, fire, or use your SA-410. The company has a simple two-step process for rectifying the issue on your own or returning it for repair:

Step 1 – Contact us immediately by email at, or by calling +1 (203) 230-5300 (Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 4:30PM EST) and indicate you are calling regarding the “SA-410 Recall.” Alternatively, you can contact us by mail at Mossberg International, Inc., P.O. Box 497, 7 Grasso Avenue, North Haven, CT 06473.

Please make sure to include the serial number of your SA-410 Shotgun in your correspondence. Your serial number is located on the non-loading portside of the shotgun receiver. (See image.)

Step 2 – After you contact us and we confirm that your SA-410 Shotgun is subject to this recall, we will mail you an upgraded trigger group that you can easily replace yourself.

Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable with replacing the trigger group yourself, we will mail you a prepaid shipping label with instructions so that you can return your unloaded shotgun to us for an upgrade, free of charge.  If you do choose to return your SA-410 Shotgun to us, we will make every effort to return your SA-410 Shotgun to you as soon as possible.

Editor’s Note:

Firearm safety is nothing to take lightly. If you feel that you may fall within this recall, please do not hesitate to take the above steps. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates moving forward if there are any.

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