VIDEO SERIES: How to Get the Most Out of Your Everyday Carry Setup

The new EDC Series from Athlon Outdoors features Instructor Rob Orgel of Emergency Response Tactical and covers the basics of Every Day Carry. This series is designed to provide food for thought when it comes to considering your gear, degree of training, and how to best approach everyday scenarios wherein your practical EDC may not only be helpful, but just might save and protect your life and those around you. 

Every Day Carry is about developing an intentional and thoughtful mentality, discipline, and degree of preparedness for approaching each and every day with tools that will help ensure your safety and success in the field, hence the namesake. We are excited to present this new series and hope that it serves as an educational and insightful initial introduction to EDC for those just now considering enhancing their daily carry, but also as a discussion forum for the community of those committed to an EDC lifestyle.