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The following press release was issued by Tetra Gun Care

FTI, Inc., a pioneer in advanced lubrication and cleaning technology, introduces the Tetra® Gun Pistol Maintenance Kit, the latest addition to the company’s expanding line of gun care kits for a wide range of firearms. The new Tetra® Gun Pistol Maintenance Kit was custom-designed to include all the chemicals and accessories pistol shooters need to maintain their firearms in one handy kit.

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The Pistol Kit features new, ‘green’ Tetra® Gun Cleaner Degreaser, a water-based solution for routine cleaning without harsh solvents. Cleaner Degreaser removes not only fouling, but also pre-existing lubricant and solvent residue. Cleaner Degreaser is environmentally-safe, gentle on the skin and easy on finishes and non-metal parts, such as plastics and polymers. The Pistol Kit also includes Tetra® Gun Grease and Lubricant, the paste and liquid forms of Tetra®’s legendary fluoropolymer lubricating technology for optimum friction reduction and bore conditioning. What’s more, the Kit contains new Tapered-tip Cotton Swabs, which are particularly effective for hard-to-reach areas in pistols. A Double-ended Nylon Brush, Nylon Twist Bore brush (9mm), and Cotton Patches are included as well.

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The Tetra® Gun Pistol Maintenance Kit is initially available in a clear plastic clamshell package.

For more information on the Pistol Maintenance Kit and the full line of Tetra® Gun Care products, or to find your nearest dealer, visit http://www.tetraguncare.com

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