As gun owners, we are each responsible for gun safety, and a large part of that includes safe gun storage.

Of course, what constitutes safe gun storage can vary from person to person. Someone with a large firearms collection and small children at home will have far different needs than an adult living on their own who owns one gun. The amount of space in your home and financial considerations are another factor. There are, however, plenty of choices to meet anyone’s safe gun storage needs, from basic lockable cases to giant fireproof safes.

Many people prefer a long gun for home defense over a handgun. Certainly a shotgun or rifle is a more effective fight-stopper than any handgun. In some states and localities, it is also easier to own a long gun over a handgun. A long gun isn’t going to fit neatly in your nightstand but it will fit under your bed or in a nearby closet, and there are many storage options that offer safe long-gun storage and fast access.

Instant Arsenal

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Cannon Safe

American Security Products makes a back-lit electronic combination safe with a front opening door that fits neatly under most beds. The AMSEC Defense Vault is large enough to fit several long guns on its slide-out, foam-lined tray and allows for quick access. The safe can also be anchored to the floor for additional security.

Another reliable options is the TacVault from GunVault, which allows owners of ARs or other long guns to safely and securely store two fully loaded rifles or shotguns in a compact, standing safe that can easily be concealed in a closet or behind a door. The safe includes a shelf for storing extra ammunition or magazines as well as other accessories.

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The TacVault uses a single, long-lasting 9-volt battery and gives users a combination opening, user-selectable access code, providing access to multiple family members. The digital keypad opens instantly with a the right code for lightning-fast access.

The whole unit is 48 inches tall and only 10 inches wide, and the steel construction is pry proof. It can also be bolted to a wall for added security. The TacVault uses 14-gauge steel for the body and 12-gauge steel for the door, and it features a foam lining to protect the finish on your firearms.

The Cannon Premium Series safes are their flagship models. The Premium Series is available in three colors: hammertone black, hammertone charcoal, and hammertone beige. Amenities include premium interior upholstery, upgraded MOLLE door organizer kit, interior lights, powered media box with USB and Ethernet ports, adjustable shelving, and chrome five spoke handle. Standard security features include dual access EMP lock, up to twelve 4-inch locking bolts, patented Tru-Lock internal hinges, anti-pry tabs, 90 minute fire rating, triple fin smoke seal, dual relocker and triple hard plates that protect the lock. Backed by the Cannon Safe lifetime limited warranty, this UL RSC rated safe series is an excellent solution for secure gun storage.

Hideaway Security

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The box spring on your bed is really just a lot of wasted space. Now, thanks to the BedBunker safe from Safety and Security Co., powered by Heracles Research, it’s space you could use to store more guns. This solid 10-gauge steel safe lets you keep guns secure and hidden under your mattress. In fact, each section will hold as many as 35 rifles and shotguns and 70 handguns, and you can double the storage space by using two BedBunker units together.

I have standing safes and they take up a lot of space in a closet, a basement or any other room. They are also neither subtle in appearance nor very convenient to access. The BedBunker, by contrast, gives you pretty quick access at nighttime—just push the mattress to one side. The 0.25-inch-thick, 140-pound steel door has a gas piston system to help open it, and an internal security bar prevents access if the hinges have been compromised. You can also internally bolt two units together under king or queen size beds.

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This is a serious, no-nonsense safe that offers up to two hours of fire protection for your guns, valuables and important documents, and it features a thick felt lining to prevent scratches or damage on the finish of your guns.

Another hidden safe is the SleepSafe Securevault, which looks like a standard nightstand and provides a large drawer of fast-access security. There are two other normal non-locking drawers. This is a complete 2mm-thick steel safe encased in a custom, solid-wood frame to match your décor. It has a built-in, battery-powered biometric scanner discreetly located on one side that can store up to 10 fingerprints and which pops open instantly for fast access to a firearm. There is no need to worry about power outages given the safe’s internal battery and there is also a programmable code that can be used to gain access.

The top safe drawer is sturdy and locks securely into the steel vault so that even if the wooden cabinet exterior is destroyed, the integrity of the safe remains solid. The internal safe storage space is 13.5 inches wide by 15 inches long and 4 inches deep. The top safe drwaer can hold up to 100 pounds. To further secure the safe, it can be bolted to a wall from behind the cabinet. They also sell a retro-fit kit so the safe drawer can be installed into your own furniture, in the closet or anyplace.

High-Tech Safeguard

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Liberty Safe SafElert Portable Alarm

Liberty Safe produces a full line of large and small high-quality safes for firearms storage. But the company also makes safe accessories, and one invaluable tool is the SafElert Portable Alarm. This security tool is housed in a polycarbonate body that looks like a restaurant pager and connects to your Wi-Fi network to send you an alert when whatever you have placed it on or in is tampered with.

You can protect your car, guns, and other valuables from any jostling, prying, moving, opening, hitting or even overheating. The device will even alert you if the humidity in your safe gets too high and when the batteries run low. You can opt to receive the text alerts on your smartphone or via e-mail. The annual service fee through Elertus Cloud Services is very low, less than the cost of a box of ammo, and you can place up to five devices to receive the alerts so other family members can be made aware.

SafElert won’t replace a traditional safe but offers additional peace of mind when you’re away from home and is versatile enough to protect most anything. You can also identify and select what specific concerns you want to monitor, including ambient heat, humidity and/or movement. The unit runs off two easy to find AA batteries.

Out Of Sight

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PS Products Mantle Clock

The biggest issue with safes is that they announce to anyone who sees them “valuables inside.” When it comes to the curious or those with ill intent, out of sight is out of mind. Hiding or disguising safes is a very old tradition, as is building intricate and elaborate hiding places for valuables. Modern firearm safes are no different.

PS Products excels and offers several everyday items that are actually designed to hide guns. The company’s Diversion Books is a set of two leather-bound books that look great on your shelf. Each one is hollow and can hold either a full-sized or a compact handgun or other valuables. PS Products also has two different styles of mantle clocks (that can be locked) that opens to reveal a hidden storage compartment.

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Hiding a firearm in plain sight provide very fast access to you in the case of emergency. This also provides you the advantage of storing firearms almost anywhere in the home while keeping them completely hidden. Be aware, however, that some of these gun hides do not lock and only provide concealment, not security.

For long-gun hides, TacticalWalls offers inside-the-wall hidden storage with tough ABS plastic compartments in different sizes that are designed to fit between the studs of a standard 2×4 wall. All you have to do is find the studs, cut a hole in the drywall and install the Tactical insert. To keep it hidden, you can cover it with clothing (in a closet) or a painting, mirror or other piece of wall art. They also sell complete units with sliding mirror covers that can include a magnetic lock as well. The company also offers a renter’s version that does not require any permanent modifications to your walls.

Another Tactical Walls product are its Concealment Shelves, which mount directly on a wall and offer a decorative touch while securing a hidden gun. The bottom of the shelf hinges down for fast access. These shelves also feature magnetic locks for added security. The shelves are made of wood in various finishes and include a customizable foam lining for a perfect fit. Optional accessories include interior LED lights that come on when you open the hidden shelf. With so many options for safe, secure and out-of-sight gun storage, there is really no excuse not to be prepared. You don’t have to sacrifice safety for fast access.


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Cannon Safe; 800-222-1055

GunVault; 800-242-1055

Heracles Research Corp.; 469-287-5520

Liberty Safe; 866-537-0165

Personal Security Products; 877-374-7900

SleepSafe; 916-783-1160

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