Urban Carry is expanding their innovative line of below-the-waistband holsters with the new G2 holster for concealed carry.

“Being protected at all times is a central focus in all that we do here at Urban Carry. We created a deep concealment holster that can be worn comfortably and completely concealed, while sitting or standing, in almost any attire” said Designer and Founder Dave Foster.

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As the press release notes, the original Urban Carry Holster was positively received when initially introduced earlier this year, but the company wanted to push things even further. Thus, the G2 Holster was born.

The G2 holster features a number of enhancements over the original design, including the following: a tough custom steel clip that secures the holster on you with or without a belt, an improved holster silhouette that channels the firearm directly to your hand for a smooth and fast draw, a tailored leather construction that reduces the time it takes to break in the holster (it also allows your firearm to seat perfectly in your holster from day one), a powerful magnet at the base which keeps your gun secure and steady during a fast draw, and a laser compatible option with a wider base and built-in ECR technology so your ECR enabled laser fits perfectly and automatically turns on when drawn and off instantly when holstered.

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The G2 is available for purchase now in black or brown leather at a retail price of $65.

About Urban Carry

Urban Carry Holsters has experienced unprecedented growth and popularity in the concealed carry industry and remains one of the most comfortable holsters on the market today. With its innovative ideas, Urban Carry has built its reputation on unsurpassed leather craftsmanship, quality, superior comfort and concealment all while offering unparalleled customer service rarely found today.

For more information about Urban Carry, and the complete line of concealment holsters, clothing and accessories visit

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